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What with all the Disabled Canine angst at my apartment building, I nearly forgot to post word of my Seattle coffeehouse gig next week! I'm opening for a couple of fellow buskers at C&P Coffee Company at 5612 California Ave SW in West Seattle. The headliners are Greg Spence Wolf and Jorge Zorro. Jorge's website has a really Cool Open Mics LairLinks page that's probably more up-to-date than mine.

Also, I'll be doing a set on the first evening of the Northwest Folklife Festival, Friday, May 25, on the Alki Stage at 4:20 pm. I think I refer to myself on the program as a "Late-Blooming Polyglot Busker" for want of anything more Flattering. It fits, in any case. I will likely be busking at the festival as well, during much of that weekend (May 25-28, also Memorial Day weekend).

In future news, I also plan to do busking at Seattle's University District Street Fair on May 19-20; and at the Fremont Fair on June 16-17. Prior to then, I'll be out of town visiting my aunt and her critters on the farm in Colville, WA during June 5-12.

If I've missed anything, I think the full range of info can be found on the Lair's Myspace Page and on my Sonicbids EPK...

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