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Vancouver Folk Music Festival - The Western Canada/Pacific Northwest Musicians Page

About Vancouver Folk Music Festival

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Here it is, directly from the Vancouver Folk Music Festival website, the 2006 lineup:

2006 Performer Lineup

(D) Indicates a Festival debut appearance.

(D) Afrodizz - Fela-funky Afro-beat by this eight member conscious crew from Montreal.

Beats Without Borders - Adrian, Lady Ra, Nils and Tarun spinning global melodies and rhythms into trans-cultural revelations.

Lillian Allen - Canada's Dub Poet Laureate proving word/sound have power.

(D) The Angel Brothers - Anglo-Asian roots adventures inspired by life in the UK today.

(D) Bethany and Rufus - one stunning voice singing classic folk songs to the sound of tomorrow's cello.

A Bhangra Celebration - get ready for a revelation-and participation-with some of the artists at the heart of Vancouver's amazing bhangra scene.

(D) Vishwa Mohan Bhatt & Salil Bhatt - a rare visit by the Grammy Award-winning creator of the Mohan Veena. One of the world's finest slide players and his son.

(D) Big Bass Theory - step into a whole new universe of home-grown BC Dub, schooled in Jamaica and reverberating around the world.

Ridley Bent - Louis L'Amour-style stories from both sides of the tracks, sung in an East-end hick-hop style.

Dan Bern - the long-awaited return of the man with a poet's ear and a punk's perspective.

Jacob Cino and Third Eye Tribe - creating a Jericho in Dub, a specially blended live set with very special guests just for the Festival.

Collaboratory 2.9 - four brand new hours of word, sound and music created by Ganesh Anandan, Curtis Clearsky, Neelamjit Dhillon, Cris Derkson, Kytami, Alex Maher, Allison Russell, Rupinder Sidhu, Kinnie Starr, Mario Vaira and Timothy Wisdom.

(D) Corquieu - stunning young band straight out of Asturia's Celtic tradition. Music that will make you heart sing and your feet fly.

(D) Dubblestandart with Ari Up - state of the Euro live Dub meets the mother of all punks.

(D) Dyad - Appalachian roots music in a West Coast acoustic style.

Feist - one musical light year later, Feist returns to Jericho with her band (Saturday only).

Ruthie Foster - weaves her roots in blues and gospel into music that can fill a whole festival.

(D) Ganga Giri - pulse-pounding, didj-driven tribal infusions created by a wonderful wizard from Oz.

(D) Ga Gi - skins and strings from the dawn of time creating music for the future.

Eliza Gilkyson - songs from the beauty way and anger as a state of grace.

The Grande Mothers - an encore appearance by some of the Mothers who invented it with Frank, featuring 26 songs you never got to hear last year.

(D) Hammell on Trial - outraging, string-slamming acoustic ranting that's about as radio-unfriendly as it gets.

Angela Harris - real country from up country, by a woman who lives what she sings.

Ray Wylie Hubbard - one of America's finest songwriters and one of the reasons Austin is on the map.

Clifton Joseph - the Godfather of Dub poetry in the True North on a summer vacation from The National.

James Keelaghan - one of Canada's finest balladeers and best-loved artists is bringing songs from his own roots journey.

(D) Lal - trans-cultural urban world conscious sonic seduction.

Leaky Heaven Circus - another magical mystery tour with Vancouver's favourite family circus.

(D) The Mammals - subversive acoustic traditionalists who know which side they're on and aren't afraid to sing about it.

(D) Erynn Marshall and Chris Coole - a deep love for the deep traditions of West Virginia and Kentucky.

(D) Najma - one of the pioneers of Anglo-Asian music. A phenomenal singer with a very global perspective.

(D) The New Lost City Ramblers - artists, pioneers, students and tenders of the True Vine, credited by many with introducing obscure instruments like the mandolin and the fiddle into modern American acoustic music.

no luck club - scratch and Mac club crew creating specially commissioned folk music circa 2006 from classic vinyl and secret samples.

Nucleus - magic is afoot wherever one might encounter these breathtaking performance artists.

(D) Ndidi Onukwulu featuring Madagascar Slim - attitude blues with a Malagasy edge, some sweet passion from downtown T.O.

Utah Phillips - keeping us all grounded in music, community and making a change.

(D) The Mighty Popo with Urunana rw'abadatana - modern Afro-Canadian grooves working together with the timeless joy of the Bhat'wa people of Rwanda.

Kelly Joe Phelps - blue-jazzy ballads and tales of the shadows from a master musician and songwriter.

Salt - 21st century roots music, creators of acoustic city soul songs about the streets we all walk.

Jane Siberry - a singular Canadian artist. Life-in-a-moment songs bounded by beauty, laughter and love.

Sisters Euclid - snappin', growlin' butt-kickin' interpretations of contemporary Canadian compositions, including Neil Young.

(D) Supergenerous - two master jammers, Brazilian percussionist Cyro Baptista and guitarist Kevin Breit, put the fun into funky.

Tanya Tagaq - the sound of the northern lights in a Nunavut night.

Linda Tillery and Nina Gerber - an old friend and a new one put their best chops and licks into playing their own favourite songs.

(D) Yabby You & the Prophets - deep dub roots righteous sounds from one of the original innovators of the sound that continues to shake the world.

(D) Zar - gorgeous music from a young band blending Danish and Celtic traditions.

And More Or Less - program subject to change without notice, especially given the times we live in.

For more information visit the official website:

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