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Previous Entry Hi! Jul. 27th, 2006 @ 05:21 pm Next Entry
Hi all,
just found this community, so I figured I'd start by letting everyone know about the concert I'm putting together for August 22nd. It's basically the result of myself and my friend Alexis wanting an excuse to play music in public, force our friends to do so and hopefully hear some new music along the way. We held it last year and managed to break even and have a great time with WAY too many people playing long after closing hours...heh. This year we split it into two concerts, one of which already happened (the Radical Knitting Collective concert) which was accoustic music and featured, amoung other things, a full sized pipe organ and singing bowls.

Catfish will be loud, rockin and weird. We've already got some really wonderful people playing and we could probably take one or two more acts (we need a recording or a live audition) if you want to join the fun onstage, but definately come out and listen to some of the weird music - we're encouraging people to bring merchandise too, so you might even be able to get a cd or a pin! Excitement abounds!!

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